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Practice Areas


Experienced trial attorney in state and federal court, in addition to extensive appellate familiarity, for misdemeanor and felony-level charges.


Highly sought after for divorce and separation, custody, and parental rights, in addition to other highly complex family law matters.

Personal Injury

Experienced advocate for clients injured at work, in car crashes, or at businesses, focused on fighting for deserved compensation after the incident.  

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A message from Attorney Worsley

I have a solo practice, with nearly 25 years of experience.  This allows me to get to know my clients and their cases personally.  You won’t hire me and then be passed along to a less experienced lawyer right before your hearing.  I understand that when someone comes into my office, they aren’t just entrusting me with their case, they’re entrusting me with their life. My job encompasses more than just applying the law to my client’s case. Clients also expect me to give them advice so that they can make decisions that are best for them.  I have extensive experience in the courtroom and feel very comfortable (and often exhilarated) taking cases to trial.  However, I realize that it is often in a client’s best interest to settle instead of going to trial. When I have a discussion with a client about whether to go to trial or settle a case, we talk about a variety of factors. Naturally, we discuss the strength of the case.  But we also discuss the effects going to trial vs. settling the case will have on the client’s life.

My practice concentrates predominately on the following areas: criminal law, DWIs, family law, juvenile law, domestic violence, personal injury, and appeals. I also do simple wills and some general practice civil litigation. I am admitted to practice in the New Hampshire State Courts, The New Hampshire Federal District Court, The First Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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